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Welcome to LiquidPoop
LiquidPoop is dedicated to the love and celebration of diarrhea through rhyme. Our goal is to remove the shame and stigma of diarrhea forever. FAQ

What is is a web site dedicated to Diarrhea Rhymes. It's a throw-back to the old days of the early internet. Its content is all community submitted. Amateur poets welcome. Inappropriate content will be removed.

Isn't diarrhea bad?
No not really. Especially when in convenient rhyme format.

What is a diarrhea rhyme?
Typically it is a three line poem. The first line usually describes a person doing something. The second line usually describes the surprise appearance of something brown, squishy, smelly etc. The third line confirms that indeed your worst fear is realized, diarrhea.

However, your diarrhea rhyme can be any format you want, just as long as it's 3 lines.

How do you earn a profit?

Why isn't the URL
Because diarrhea is really hard to spell and the domain is taken already by Proctor & Gamble. I wonder if they're going to get into the diarrhea rhyme business.

How can I get my rhyme into the Cream of the Crap?
Just make it good and hope people vote for it. You can also use the postcard feature to send it to friends and get them to vote for it. Or send me ten dollars and I'll make it #1.

Is the person who runs this site crazy?

Who contributes these rhymes?
People who remember making up the rhymes as children and wish to do it once more, and Greek cyclists.

I made a mistake in my rhyme, can I correct it?
No way, José. You should have looked more carefully before you submitted. Hey, when you read that, in your head did you hear "No way Joe-see?" Because it's actually supposed to be "No way Hose-ay." See, when read that way it gives the site an international flair. Pretty clever, aaaaa little chum?

Are you interested in saving money on your car insurance bill?
Yes I am interested. Verrrrrry interested.

What software is the web server running?
Not the same software that it used to be.

Who is running this site now?
Not the same person who it used to be.

Copyright, All Rights Reserved. For a limited time only. Not valid where you live. I have a chicklet toenail. So then the nun says, 'Pass the avacado.' Ken helped.